January 3, 2009

Winter Break

We spent our winter break completely immersed in wedding planning. Now that I'm back at work I have to focus on staging a big fundraiser and opening a new classroom. No time to spend at work gazing at wedding garb.

During the break we managed to book our venue and photographer and have signed the appropriate contracts and put down the appropriate deposits. Mrs. Mary Sledd Owens will be my photographer extraordinaire. She's been my best friend since we were 12 and there was never any question about who would be photographing our big day. I'm just thrilled she wasn't already booked. She's a busy busy lady. We've also decided to go with Camp Ben McCulloch. We've been out there 3 times in the last month just to make sure it's *the* place and especially for the price it just can't be beat. I'm thrilled! We've made a tentative decision on food and booze and have nailed down the time of day. And I've picked out a dress. Now we're left with the biggest and in my opinion the most important part of the day - the ceremony. We have some ideas, but haven't solidified anything yet. Finding an officiate will help with that part I'm sure.

Oh! And with booking the venue comes the final date: 11/7/09. Be there or be square!

With all the ideas and pictures I've been collecting over the last two months, I finally created an inspiration board. Enjoy...

Now if only we could convince a few certain family members that we're not doing this to spite them. That we really do love each other and intend to spend the rest of our lives together. And while we'll be thrilled if they decide to join us on our big day, if they don't, it will still happen and it will still be just as meaningful.


Amanda said...

Wowee zowee! I hadn't stopped by for a little while, and here you are, all planned out. I'm so impressed by all of the lovely plans you're making. I can't even decide what socks to wear in the morning. (This means I go barefoot a lot.)

Sarah said...

Sadly this is what I do instead of working. I'm hitting that point, though, where I'm running out of things I can actually do ahead of time. I'm a bit of a planner so that makes me crazy. I don't understand why I can't just buy all the flowers and food now. Won't it keep? It's only 11 months. So instead I'll make felt flowers and look at pictures of other people's weddings.