April 16, 2009


To keep my shoulders warm for a November wedding.

I just picked up the pattern for this gorgeous shrug from Crocheteria on Etsy. I absolutely love her designs! My future sister-in-law, Emily, has become quite the crochet queen lately and has agreed to make this for me. I can't wait to go pick out the perfect shade of orange to match an autumn day and my flowy ivory dress.

April 10, 2009

Tiny Green Thumbs

This is why I love my job. The younger toddler class has planted a garden. They planted green bean seeds in little plastic cups which have been transplanted to the garden along with poles for them to climb. Their teacher also planted lettuce, tomatoes, basil, bell peppers and flowers that they help water each day. And today they planted onions themselves and watered them. We're talking about kids just over a year old. Children are amazingly capable when we allow them to be.

April 8, 2009

piece by piece

It's been just over a month and I feel like I'm sort of coming out on the other side of much of the initial, visceral grief. The grieving process has been so new and strangely interesting to experience. Projects are my friend. The one thing I kept from my father was his massive tie collection, many of which I can remember picking out for him while growing up. In true crafty fashion I have spent hours dissecting the ties, removing the lining and ironing them flat. I'm now working on making several small quilts from the ties to give to my siblings. The hours I've spent working with my hands has been quite therapeutic....though I'm sure the bits and pieces of ties everywhere are driving D crazy.

Oh, and we're buying a house. Eeek!