January 17, 2009

Busy Busy

This morning we had a meeting with Steve Kriechbaum who is an incredibly talented jeweler in Austin who also happens to go to church with my parents. He will be using the diamonds from my grandmother's engagement and wedding ring to make our wedding rings. I'll have an engagement and wedding band and D will have a wedding band. I'm so excited that we'll both have rings that came from my grandmother's set. I also love that we're able to use a talented local artist while receiving the "I sing in the choir with your mother and think you're dad is a cool guy" price consideration. He was really open to our ideas so I know we'll be thrilled with the results. Now we wait.

This afternoon the amazing and talented Mary Sledd will be taking our engagement portraits. Should be fun! Even though I'm probably one of the least photogenic people on the planet.

**Edit: engagement portraits were postponed. Mrs. Sledd had something come up. Fortunately, however, since D and I were in the process of establishing that we had nothing to wear when she called.


Amanda said...

I love that you'll BOTH have rings from the set--how special!

Sarah said...

I'm really excited about being able to have that between us. My grandmother wore her rings for well over 50 years. I hope to do the same.