November 15, 2008

Stop the H8

Today I joined over 3000 people on the steps of Austin's City Hall for a protest on California's Proposition 8. It amazed me the number of straight people who were there supporting their gay brother, sister, cousin, mom, friend etc...

We found out about last week and watched the site explode with national support. I printed out the logo "Stop the H8" on iron on transfers and made us t-shirts and this afternoon we headed downtown. Scared that no one would show, I insisted that we drive past first before hunting for parking. As we approached City Hall there were a few people walking around holding flags and signs. Then we turned the corner and it was amazing. All you could see were thousands of people with signs and flags and dogs and babies. It was so overwhelming being part of such a demonstration. But devastating at the same time, knowing we were all there begging for the right for gay people to marry. It seems like such a benign basic right. If you don't agree with two women or two men marrying, don't do it but why must you insist on taking away my basic human rights?

Now it's my turn. To get involved in any way I can and to vote vote vote. Until then I'll continue living my life in a relationship that is just as valuable as your marriage.

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