June 1, 2008


Part of entering the real world...the professional world...is learning how to juggle it all without losing sight of what's really important. I'm in love with the most amazing person I have ever met. We've been living together for a few months are are quickly approaching our one year anniversary. She works a fairly demanding job as do I. We're having to learn how to leave our jobs at work and come home and be together, truly together. We spend so much of our time sitting inches away from each other while being miles apart. Her mind is caught up in call stats and profit sharing, mine in enrollment and hiring. I wake up each morning with a to-do list at work already on the tip of my tongue. How can I truly be connected with this one who rules my night and day if I'm caught up in how I'm going to keep ratio in the toddler room on Monday. We were together last night...eye to eye...heart to heart...and suddenly everything around us melted away. We let go and were finally together. No work, no roommates, no exes...and I cried. I was so overwhelmed by how much I miss her that I cried. It was the most intense relief. Not to mention the most intense amazing night. I'm so completely in love and so completely happy. I never thought it could be this good.

Thank you, darling, for loving me so well.

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