May 16, 2008

five six seven eight

The roommate dance is a tricky tricky dance that I obviously can't do without tripping - a lot - and falling on my face. I have two left feet when it comes social interactions...with my 2 roommates and 3, count 'em 3 other people in the house. That's 4 people, a dog (soon to be 2 dogs) and a cat all living under one roof. I've only ever had one roommate at a time so this is a whole new experience for me. It amazes me how much innuendo and assumptions play a role. I have a bad day and suddenly the whole house thinks I don't like them. Or my house mate is cranky and I'm racked with guilt over whatever it is that I must have done to upset them. I think we finally hit the breaking point where we've figured out that we (gasp) actually have to talk to each other. I'm expecting it all be uphill from here. I'm learning that I can't always wear my opinions and emotions on my sleeve and sometimes I have to play nice simply for the sake of peace. I've never been all that good at that. But considering work stuff it's probably a good skill to learn. I always thought that once I got out of college my roommate days would be over. But here I am, almost 27 and having to learn how to live and play well with others. As long as I don't run with scissors I'm safe.

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