November 15, 2009


I lived in Maryland from age 15-18. I wasn't thrilled with moving or being on the other side of the country from everything and everyone I've ever known. But one thing I did love about this part of the country was autumn. We're back here now, in DC, for our honeymoon. Strangely, we're here not just because we'd wanted to visit DC together, but also because I have a professional conference at the end of this week which makes this trip financially possible. The trees are incredible, the weather is beautiful. I couldn't imagine a better time to visit this part of the country (except possibly when the cherry trees bloom). Tomorrow we head to Connecticut for wedding #2 - the legal version.

As for wedding #1, I'm still wading through amazing pictures and trying to put it all into words.

[picture by me]


Alexis said...

yay pictures and honeymoon! can i get the link to the photobooths?


pebblestar said...

may i please get a link to the photos as well?

Julie N.