August 17, 2009

To Do

We're reaching that critical count down oh so quickly. It's been almost a year since I started devouring wedding blogs. The first of which was It was so gratifying to watch Meg through her final countdown, maintaining her perspective and having a grand ol' time. I can only hope to stay so zen in the coming months.

Here's my current 'must finish by the end of August' list:
  • Finish the invitations (thanks to assembly line style help from Al & Angela 9/12)
  • Design and make the programs (so far this has involved lots of cursing at both Photoshop and my printer which has suddenly decided that it's anti-cardstock)
  • Reprint the RSVP inserts which have the wrong website address...oops (also thanks to help from Al & Angela)
  • Finish my organza flower hairpiece
  • Finish the organza flower corsages
  • Finish bridesmaid oak leaf necklaces
  • Make a trip out to the Arnosky's farm when it is actually open and get flowers for a bouquet trial run (done! 8/29)
Diana has her very own to-do list:
  • Stamp all the velum envelope liners
  • Finish ripping all of her million CD's so she can make the song list for the day
  • At least figure out if not purchase and have altered clothes for the big day (yay! done 8/19)
And finally we must:
  • Write the ceremony
  • Finalize the text for our wedding certificate (emailed to Steph who's making our gorgeous wedding certificate)
  • Complete premarital counseling
  • Finalize details for wedding #2 in Connecticut
Ok. Maybe it will be our 'must finish by mid-September' lists. We'll see. Unfortunately there's a whole different set of lists in the works for September so we'd better get to work!

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