March 19, 2009

Two weeks later

It's been 2 weeks since my world was turned completely upside down. I toyed with the idea of abandoning this blog completely, I'm not at all sure anyone reads; but my life hasn't stopped, just changed. All the initial craziness of flowers and casseroles and services has subsided and family has returned to their corners of the world. Now I'm left with the daily realization of life without Dad.

D has been amazing through out all of this. She sat with me on mom's couch for nine hours straight two Thursdays ago. This has been her initiation to our family. She's stuck with me now.

My thoughts on our upcoming wedding have taken on a somber tone. I can't think of that day without sadness of who won't be there. Mom is selling the Airstream, she can't travel alone so that's out. No big deal, just an absence. But the big one...who will walk me down the aisle?


Anonymous said...

Just so you know... I read it. I check for a new post every day. -Jenna

Amanda said...

Oh sweetheart.

May his memory be a blessing.