February 11, 2009

Wally Byam is my hero

D has been working like a crazy person lately so we took the afternoon last Saturday and drove to San Antonio where my parents were attending a Vintage Airstream Rally. It's a cult, really, those Airstream people...and I hope to someday be one of them.

This is my parents Airstream, with my little silver car behind it and Dad's big silver truck in front of it.

We're actually planning to use the Airstream for dressing on the wedding day. Since the wedding will be held on a camp ground, the parents have agreed to park their for the night/day so we can store stuff there on Friday night and can finish getting dressed there on Saturday. Consider it a super mobile bride's room. I'm hoping to get some neat photo's featuring the Airstream on the day of.

My dad was very excited to show me his new toy: a dragon for the tow post thingy (technical term). A scary dragon at that. No one's going to mess with his Airstream. I guess I'll have to start calling him St. George.

Other than that wedding planning has kind of hit a lull at the moment. We've done most of what we can for the time being. The paper I want to use for the invitations is half price this week so I suspect a craft trip will come soon. Until then I'll keep making valentines with leftover fabric samples and buttons.


east side bride said...

I fucking love it.

Sarah said...

Airstreamers are the original DIY'ers. The curtains my mom made from dish towels, the recycled furniture modded to fit an Airstream. Everything in it's place and oh so 50's. I get inspired to craft my little heart out everytime I'm in there.

The plan is to inherit my parents rig when they quit traveling. I would love to go on sabbatical for a year and just travel the country. Ah to dream...

east side bride said...

I can't say enough good things about a honeymoon roadtrip. So awesome.

cevd said...

i REALLY REALLY REALLY want to live in the middle of nowhere in a small house (with lots of land) and have an airstream in the way back back of the house for my office. oh i LOVE airstreams.